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07 Jul 2022

Global Arts Manchester #cre8

The Whitworth
Open until 31 September 2022

Our creativity and energy is our synergy and unity. We have to make art.

Global Arts Manchester aka GAM, started in 2016 working with community partners and residents’ groups to give space and access for local and diverse people, especially in support of women and artists on low incomes. GAM itself is a diverse mix of individuals from different backgrounds, creative skills and output. 

The exhibition features the work of 8 women artists who have been collaborating for the last 4 years through Global Arts Manchester and are currently working in partnership with the School of Creativity for the next 12 months.

The exhibition celebrates our return to being in space together and is being supported by Global Arts Mcr’s experimental commissioning process. As women our work reflects our place(s) in the world. Our various loves.

This exhibition is a living piece. It will change and flow through the next 3 months. We invite you to come again, to be part of the changes. Follow Global Arts Manchester (GAM) on social media to find out more, and for formal participatory experiences.

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Open until 31 September 2022