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23 Jul 2022

Harry Meadley: Free-for-All

Touchstones Rochdale
Open until 11 September 2022

Artist Harry Meadley likes to turn whole galleries into works of art and thinks public spaces are for everyone, so he’s turned the gallery spaces of Touchstones over to the people of Rochdale!

Following a public call-out to schools, community groups, artists and, well, everybody, Free-for-All has blossomed into a programme of family events, crafts, film, wellbeing and more, all devised and run by you.

But it doesn’t stop there… 

Whilst the exhibition is on, we are still welcoming members of the public to talk to us about staging their own events, displaying their own artworks, arranging meet-ups, rehearsals, playing games, or using the galleries in other ways no one else has thought of.

This is a very different type of exhibition where the boundaries between audience, artist, participant or performer have been purposefully broken down, so come along and find out more!

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Open until 11 September 2022