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16 Jul 2022

Until It Looks Like This

Venture Arts at People's History Museum
Open until 11 September 2022

‘Until It Looks Like This’ showcases the work of 12 Venture Arts artists and takes it name from Liam Ashworth’s ‘Stir Fry book’, which features in this brand new summer exhibition.

The launch on Saturday 16th July marks the start of the People’s History Museum’s new programme, Nothing About Us Without Us, exploring the history of disabled people’s rights and activism.

Along with ‘Until it Looks Like This’ (on until 11th September) the launch event will also celebrate the installation of a new sculpture at the venue, ‘The Manchester Argonaut’, the colourful creation of internationally acclaimed artist, Jason Wilsher-Mills (Jason worked with Venture Arts artists during 2020-21 and featured some of their work in ‘Jason Wilsher-Mills: Jason and His Argonauts‘, which exhibited at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe).

‘Until it Looks Like This’ is a multimedia experience featuring ceramics, illustration, print, photography, digital art, textiles and an installation. The artists’ work explores themes including history, politics, nature, climate change, food and literature. Click on the names of the featured artists to find out more about their individual practice.

Liam Ashworth
Dominic Bennett
Josh Brown
James Desser
Amy Ellison
Louise Hewitt
Sally Hirst
Justin Lees
Joe Mills
Michael Nash
George Parker Conway
Emlyn Scott

Michael Powell, Programme Officer for People’s History Museum, says,

“We are off to a very creative start for the beginning of our ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ programme with artists leading the way with work that carries powerful messages and work that will inspire those visiting People’s History Museum.”

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Open until 11 September 2022