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Manchester Art Fair 2024

2023 Art Preview

Jimi Hendrix

MASA-UK Gallery Stand: 517


mixed media (used, from private collection)

"Don't ever quit!"

An inspiration for young artists, an artist who manages to finance his art education by selling portraits at $15 for charcoal and $20 for watercolour, and whose work is now worth up to $50,000. Born in 1971 in San Bernardino, California and raised in the Atlanta area, Craig first recognised his creative drive via crayons on his parents' walls, like many inspired young artists, and by the age of 7 his capacity for detailed visual interpretation became undeniable. Graig Alan recreates famous iconic photographs with unique giant portraits using Ariel photography. Similar to pixels, gatherings of people create these intricately composed portraits. The famous faces used in Alan’s artworks include: Marlyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix. The people used to create these portraits are outfitted in a dark clothing to create an easy on the eye contrast on the stark white background. As, Graig states in his own words: “For me, the people and how they interact with each other and what they come together to make is the most important aspect of each painting. We are all symbiotic beings, all part of something greater and lesser than ourselves.” Alan has stayed humble throughout his meteoric rise, as his art has inspired creativity among art enthusiasts, as he states: “Art needs to be responsible to its purpose, to inspire and enhance”. Alan has become publicly recognised as a innovator in the visual arts industry and his awards list grows by each day. His artworks are exhibited all around the world, USA, Canada and in over 40 galleries here in England.


Craig Alan


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