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Manchester Art Fair 2024

2023 Art Preview

Figure Beyond the Mud and Fallen Branches (Walking Ahead)

The Art Court Stand: 309

Acrylic on canvas

180 x 130cm | 70.8 x 51.1in

This is part of a series called Walking Ahead that the artist began in 2020 during lockdown. Phill Hopkins says: “The landscape acts as a mirror, reflecting patterns and allowing me to make intimate physical and emotional connections. It also allows me to shift my perspective and to feel present in my own body.

“Thinking about my Walking Ahead series, often when walking with others I fall behind. In this series there might be two things at play. There is the character of the walker, that we see up ahead. We can imagine what thoughts they might have or perhaps where their journey might be taking them. We can relate to them. Then, there is the character of the viewer, watching from a distance, or maybe, keeping their distance. There might be a sense of lag, or that of being left behind. Or is it simply solitude?”


Phill Hopkins


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