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Manchester Art Fair 2024

2023 Art Preview

In Flow

Katie Patel Stand: 705

‘In Flow’ is a framed 20" x 24" acrylic painting on canvas.

It is a response to exploration and fascination with water, the movement of ripples and their endless shape permutations. Drawn to the striking contrast of the dancing light on the water’s surface, against the darker shadows and depth of the water, the artist finds this movement entrancing and wanted to capture some of that feeling on canvas. The title also nods to the state in which she found herself as she painted, the state where time is forgotten due to a complete immersion in the project. International shipping available on request.

Katie is a Stockport based artist, fasinated by the uplifting power and human connection art brings about. She seeks emotional resonance through colour, light and atmosphere in her work.


Katie Patel


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