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Manchester Art Fair 2024

2023 Art Preview

Some Place That's Other

Mercedes Dawson Stand: 626

Sweeping nude acrylics with gold detail and black ink form on 24x20inch canvas


This artwork is based on the following piece:


Everything is idolatry today

- wanted and worshipped, traversed and tasted.


Land for me to covet

valleys to explore with calloused hands but soft touch

Is this what it felt like? Discovery?

The thrall of being the first, or the first to be enthralled.


Passing palm over curve

eye over crevice


You stretch out like you want to be seen

Slow smile,

 lowered eyes

faint blush


I will take my time finding new pathways in you

Allow skin to blur

Scent to change

Seek out new contexts with pretexts of more


- Be patient with me, I have not come to my knees before


Mercedes Dawson