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Manchester Art Fair 2024

2023 Art Preview


Luanna Flammia Stand: 850

Mixed media and silver leaf on canvas, framed in metallic silver floating frame) 100 x 76 cm

The great masters of romanticism have sparked Luanna’s new collection of paintings, alongside her ongoing reflections of adventure, moments and experiences.

The Hudson River artists arose from 1825, Thomas Cole was deemed the ‘Founder’ of the group after sketching and painting alongside the banks of the Hudson River, capturing the beauty of untouched wilderness. Luanna was particularly drawn to ‘Garden of Eden' where Cole captured beautiful sceneries as well as his perception of Eden, referencing holy meaning. The mysterious, magical location draws the eye through an opening amongst the trees, and beyond into the distance, Luanna’s paintings encourage the same feeling of almost losing yourself amongst nature and a feeling of wanting to know what’s beyond.

Although her expressive techniques differ from those of such detail, Luanna aims to evoke the same sensation of freedom, exploration and life beyond the distance, recreating monumental aspects of nature. Luanna uses mixed media on canvas to evoke depth, transparency and perspective. She has mastered her signature technique of layering both vertically and horizontally creating both balance and range. The use of 24ct gold and silver leaf which are embellished on all her paintings, enhance these levels of perspectives whilst creating space and light. Often referenced to landscape connotations


Luanna Flammia