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Christmas Art 2019

Christmas Art 2019

  • 3rd Base

    Exhibitor: Daniel Ibbotson
    Artist: Daniel Ibbotson
    Price: £750
  • At the Bar

    Exhibitor: Carnes Fine Art
    Artist: Geoffrey Key
    Price: £9950
  • Bee Kind

    Exhibitor: Katie Edwards
    Artist: Katie Edwards
    Price: £60
  • Black Cuillin

    Exhibitor: Jim Woodman
    Artist: Jim Woodman
    Price: £850
  • Brighton 2019

    Exhibitor: Robert Watson
    Artist: Robert Watson
    Price: £499
  • Flying Shark 03

    Exhibitor: Lazerian
    Artist: Liam Hopkins
    Price: £300
  • From the Darkness V

    Exhibitor: Damian John Stewart
    Artist: Damian John Stewart
    Price: £400
  • I've Got a Skeleton

    Exhibitor: Leon Martyn
    Artist: The Connor Brothers
    Price: £2950
  • Lighthouse

    Exhibitor: Deborah Butler
    Artist: Deborah Butler
    Price: £395
  • Liverpool Dazzle

    Exhibitor: Ben Ark Art
    Artist: Ben Ark
    Price: £495
  • Medium Bite

    Exhibitor: Powderhall Bronze Editions
    Artist: Brian Caster
    Price: £3300
  • On The Sixth Day

    Exhibitor: Subversion Gallery
    Artist: Trafford Parsons
    Price: £100
  • Paradiso V

    Exhibitor: MASA-UK Gallery
    Artist: Osvaldo Lobalzo
    Price: £7000
  • Pebbles

    Exhibitor: Alce Harfield
    Artist: Alce Harfield
    Price: £450
  • Quirks

    Exhibitor: Shabir Beigh
    Artist: Shabir Beigh
    Price: £1800
  • Rainbow of Wildflowers

    Exhibitor: Lee Herring Art
    Artist: Lee Herring
    Price: £225
  • Reclining BB Nude

    Exhibitor: By Lisa Watson
    Artist: Lisa Watson
    Price: £385
  • Seeking the Path

    Exhibitor: Kwame Akpokavi
    Artist: Kwame Akpokavi
    Price: £950
  • Silver Grigio Noir

    Exhibitor: Clifton Fine Art
    Artist: Russell Hatton
    Price: £1950
  • Singin In The Rain

    Exhibitor: Punchbowl Gallery
    Artist: Tommy Gurr
    Price: £2400
  • Sirens Song

    Exhibitor: northern-scapes
    Artist: Jessica Owen
    Price: POA
  • The Break of Day

    Exhibitor: Janet Kenyon Fine Art
    Artist: Janet Kenyon
    Price: £995
  • The Cove

    Exhibitor: Dawn Reader
    Artist: Dawn Reader
    Price: £750
  • Unconditional

    Exhibitor: Stephen Stott
    Artist: Stephen Stott
    Price: £480
  • Watched #1

    Exhibitor: Artscape
    Artist: Steve Messam
    Price: £1150
  • West

    Exhibitor: Stuart Jones
    Artist: Stuart Jones
    Price: £1600
  • Winter Sketch Vessels

    Exhibitor: Malet + Watts
    Artist: Claire Malet
    Price: £1500 each

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