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Manchester Art Fair 2024


Annie Luke Turner

Stand: 842

Annie’s paintings start with a feeling for a place (recently the Scottish islands of Iona and Shetland). It might be the light, it might be the shapes, the colours or the sense for what may have been there before. She is particularly interested in the history of a place, the archeology and the mythology, the layers and remains of human existence. Each piece of work evolves over weeks and months through a dynamic conversation between artist and the painting. 





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Art Preview

  • Mixed media painting on canvas. 1M x 1M framed in whitewashed tray frame.
  • Mixed media painting 1M x 1M in whitewashed tray frame
  • 1M x 1M mixed media on canvas framed in a whitewashed tray frame. 


  • Traces 1

    19 Sep 2023 Annie Luke Turner
    Annie has produced a series of abstract paintings based around the idea of 'Thin Places' ; where the veil between the real world and the spiritual world seems thin. These places are often where there ...
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