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Manchester Art Fair 2024



Stand: 207

Art, writing, and culture are not, and do not need to be about entertainment and commerce, about making one's way in society. They can be a mode of relating to each other that takes its cues from friendship, from engaging each other as separate and related people committed to each other in mutual support and protection.

Excerpt: Fred Dewey ‘a polis for new conditions’ 


Established by Christian Mooney in 2007, Arcade offers a programme of exhibitions and a constantly evolving platform of performances, live events, talks and publications. Through these varied formats, we aim to find new modes of presentation exploring the developments and complexities in contemporary art, across a range of practices, media and concerns.


Rebecca Allen, Can Altay, Anna Barham, Luca Bertolo, Chiara Camoni, Jeremiah Day, Marijke De Roover, Peggy Franck, John Finneran, Clive Hodgson, Dapper Bruce Lafitte, Paul Simon Richards, John Wallbank, Maria Zahle


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