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Manchester Art Fair 2024

Cathy Read

Stand: 634

Imagine a building that reminds you of someone you love?

Mum took me to Manchester Art Gallery, when I was a child and the painting Work by Ford Madox Brown captured my attention so completely, that I was lost in the details. It was the moment I realised the power of art to inspire and I wanted to create art that sparked that response in other people. Even now, when I see that painting, I'm instantly transported back to that moment but more than that, the building itself inspired me.

Now imagine your special building, captured as a dreamlike cityscape, with white lines and colours so vibrant, they dance on the page. For there are watercolours, and there are watercolours with attitude, as one of my collectors described my paintings.

I'm Cathy Read and I create watercolours with attitude. You might have seen me on Landscape artist of the year? My architecture inspired paintings capture memories and emotions, in vibrant, kaleidoscopic drops of ink, reflecting city life in all its colourful glory

Beautiful Architecture paintings that capture the mood of cities, like Manchester, in expressive watercolour and create painted stories. Buildings tell us so many stories, if we listen and lend our imaginations to the task.

Often I choose iconic structures that are intended to impress and influence the people who inhabit such spaces. By fusing structured masking with expressive paint, the familiar city is reborn in a myriad ways. Blown ink trails give a sense of energy, like a life force or electricity escaping from the buildings.

Imagine a painting that inspires you daily? Would you like to experience that wow feeling every day? Talk to me, and we can find or create a unique painting that rocks your world too.


United Kingdom
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