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Cathy Read

Stand: 297

Beautiful Architecture paintings which capture the mood of cities, in expressive watercolour and create painted stories.

Buildings tell us so many stories, if we listen and lend our imaginations to the task. Cathy Read's unique perspective on the urban landscape brings such scenes to life in her beautiful architecture paintings. By fusing structured masking with expressive paint, the familiar city is reborn in a myriad ways.. 

Blown ink trails give a sense of energy, like a life force or electricity escaping from the buildings. Cathy's paintings capture the dreams and ambitions that lead to the creation of stunning architecture. Creating Iconic structures is intended to impress and influence the people who inhabit such spaces.

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  • Urban Romance Cities have romantic charm at night. The dark shadows in low light hide the flaws painfully obvious in the harsh light of day. In this Deansgate painting, the coloured lights seem like f ...
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