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Manchester Art Fair 2024


Demif Gallery

Stand: 313

Demif Gallery, a dynamic and passionate entity dedicated to art lovers and collectors, stationed in the heart of England. Demif Gallery is not just an online platform; it's a vibrant hub where creativity thrives, art is celebrated, and cultural diversity takes center stage.

Our Commitment to Art and Diversity

At Demif Gallery, we're not merely in the business of art; we are the champions of emerging talent and young artists, both from the United Kingdom and across the globe. We believe that art knows no boundaries, and we serve as the bridge connecting brilliant artists to the world.

Our mission is a two-fold endeavor. While we passionately support the rising stars in the art world, our primary focus lies in promoting cultural diversity and providing a platform for young minority ethnic artists to shine. We are dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of Contemporary African art, nurturing its growth, and celebrating its vibrant spirit.

Diverse Endeavors, United Passion

Demif Gallery is more than just an online gallery. We are creators and curators, organizers and visionaries. Our multifaceted approach includes:

Online Art Gallery: A digital realm where art enthusiasts and collectors can explore and acquire exceptional works of art. We curate a selection that represents the very essence of artistic excellence.

Art Commissions: We collaborate with artists to commission thought-provoking and inspiring works, pushing the boundaries of creativity.
Pop-Up Art Exhibitions: We transform spaces into immersive art experiences, bringing the beauty of art to unexpected places and engaging with diverse audiences.
National and International Art Fairs: Demif Gallery is not confined to the digital realm. We actively participate in national and international art fairs, ensuring that our artists' creations reach a global audience.


Claudy Khan, Olivier Matuti, Papytsho Mafolo, Rachel Malaika


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Contact Exhibitor

Art Preview

  • Mixed Media on canvas 130cm x 97 cm    
  • Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 90cm  
  • Mixed media on canvas 80cm x 60cm
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