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Manchester Art Fair 2024


J Suyi Studio

Stand: 619

J. Suyi is a London based self-taught multi-disciplinary artist of British & Nigerian heritage. Her chosen medium is mixed materials allowing her to create without setting limits by creating audacious abstract, where she prefers to blend, bleed, and boldly use different medium, relinquishing control in favour of expression.

In her artworks she uses expressive strokes and multi-layered textures to investigate deep philosophical questions, around existence, spirituality, the way we choose to live our lives as individuals and how we deal with life challenges and navigate societal expectations. 

J Suyi has been in the art business for 7 years and has sold works internationally and the UK.


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Art Preview

  • Mixed media on canvas with 24 carat gold leaf 55x55cm  in black floating frame   My creative process is mostly intuitive in nature, which requires me to go inwards and search within, tapping into my i ...
  • Mixed Media on Canvas with 24 carat gold leaf in white Floating frame 85 x 85cm  
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