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Manchester Art Fair 2024


Jane Hodgson Painter

Stand: 815

I have been working on transparent materials for over 20 years, but I stopped 10 years ago -  as an ecological artist, I didn’t want to use plastic.

5 years ago I discovered a film made of starches, (PLA), and resurrected my love of light shining through the work on to a shiny white background, which I find beautiful. Together with beauty in this work is a big message. We are being crippled by plastic.

I wanted to acknowledge the catastrophe of plastic, but give joy and hope through my work. I am excited to at last find a way of presenting this new work which I can guarantee is not being done by anyone else. 

I am a colourist, a study of natural colours. Together with showing work on this PLA film, I will also be showing works on canvas, which also include PLA.


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Art Preview

  • Brand new work on a brand new material you won't have seen used before.
  • Brand new work on a brand new material, that is NOT plastic. More descriptive words to follow. Be the very first to see it at this years MAF!
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