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Manchester Art Fair 2024


Jenny Fermor

Stand: 720

Jenny Fermor is a British artist living and working in Spain.


Jenny's landscape paintings reflect her fascination with light, shadow and structure. This might be in the hills and pine forests of the sierras of central Spain near where she lives, or on the streets of her home town Madrid.


Her work explores contrast and composition, often using loose marks to contrast clean lines, or flashes of saturated colour against earth tones to create drama.


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Art Preview

  • A simple celebration of sun, shadow, and colour, this painting achieves a dynamic yet harmonious composition through a careful interplay of form, line, and contrast.
  • A large scale seascape that, like much of Jenny‚Äôs work, blurs the line between reality and abstraction, rendering the vibrant morning light during a beach stroll, with a focus on simple line and textu ...
  • Longlisted for the prestigious Jackson's Art Prize 2023, this painting encapsulates a vibrant, sunny scene captured on a visit to a Portuguese fishing port during the summer.
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