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Manchester Art Fair 2024



Stand: 200

Lazerian, led by multidisciplinary artist and designer Liam Hopkins, operates from a captivating space within a converted hat factory located in Denton, Manchester. This innovative studio is a hub of creativity and craftsmanship, known for its diverse range of artistic endeavors.

At the core of Lazerian's portfolio are large-scale artworks, public art installations, and bespoke sculptural commissions. In addition to these artistic pursuits, Lazerian also excels in crafting interiors, custom-made furniture, and unique brand promotional objects, showcasing their versatile expertise in the world of design.

One distinguishing feature of Lazerian's work is their strong commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious projects. A prime example of this commitment is their recent collaboration with Envision Racing, where they ingeniously transformed electronic waste into a functional, drivable race car replica. This blend of artistic creativity and eco-responsibility sets Lazerian apart in the industry. Projects from Lazerian have also been exhibited at both Cop 26 - Glasgow and Cop 28 - Dubai, both of which had a sustainability message regarding plastic and electronic waste  and the effects it can have on our environment. 

Lazerian's approach to art and design is marked by a harmonious fusion of traditional handcraft techniques and cutting-edge modern technologies. This blend not only opens doors to innovative concepts but also pushes the boundaries of art and design, effectively using them as mediums to convey narratives and produce site-specific, one-of-a-kind pieces.

What makes Lazerian's projects truly exceptional is their individuality. Each endeavor draws inspiration from an array of sources, adapting to the unique context and demands of the situation. Whether it's delving into the history and culture of a specific area or immersing themselves in the essence of a company, Lazerian ensures that every commission is infused with a meaningful story, background, or source of inspiration. This personal touch adds depth and character to their creations, making Lazerian a standout presence in the world of art and design.

Lazerian's impact on the global art and design scene extends far and wide, with their work featured in renowned galleries and museums around the world. Their creations have found a home in prestigious institutions such as the Moscow Design Museum, Museo Poldi Pezzoli, and Manchester Art Gallery.

Beyond these gallery and museum placements, Lazerian's influence reaches international audiences through participation in exhibitions across major cities, including London, Milan, New York, Amsterdam, and Moscow. This extensive presence in the global art and design circuit underscores their ability to connect with diverse audiences and reflects the universal appeal of their distinctive and thought-provoking creations. Lazerian's work continues to transcend borders, leaving an indelible mark on the world of art and design.





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