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Manchester Art Fair 2024

Lin Cheung

Stand: 903

Lin Cheung is an abstract artist.

I will immerse myself in the experience of painting in a spirit of curiosity, guided by feelings of questioning and excitement. Sometimes this is about a mood, occasionally an external reference, or a particular state of mind and energy I want to explore through my work. I take endless photographs of rusting boats and architectural structures to help me understand what my work is about. Sometimes prompted by visual appeal, colour, texture, a structural form and a thematic link to questions that have long interested me.

"I am interested in an interplay of balance and duality, between what is visible and hidden, containment and openness, structure and freedom, as well as connections and transitions between thinking and emotions.  I frequently find I am following an impulse that wants to be expressed through colour and mark-making, and I don’t know its form until I make it, taking shape through the process of being expressed. I know that when I’m painting I’m entering into a state of mind that allows me to engage in a relationship with my immediate experience of what is happening, both in front of me and to me as I am working. I am responding in the moment."

Lin paints full-time from her studio in Buxton. Lin's work has appealed to collectors from France, Ireland and the USA.

She runs international artist coaching and development programmes. 


United Kingdom
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