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Luciana Hermida

Stand: 306

In my art I explore the mysterious aspects of the natural world and the subconscious. I put together dreamy, whimsical scenes with the aim to detach us from reality; through the juxtaposition of mysterious encounters I question what is possible and highlight feelings of peacefulness in a world where things don’t make sense.

Alien sea creatures, beautiful blooms and the energy of the waves are some elements which I use to portray imaginative freedom. I create dreamy scenes in order to offer a personal view about how our relationship with nature can enrich our imagination and our perception. 
I have mastered my unique style throughout the years since my graduation as a graphic designer in 2010. As a graphic designer and artist, I merge the best of both worlds and always take great care for composition and use of colour. 

I portray imaginative freedom and a love for the natural world and the organic forms. My art conveys surreal scenes with a unique Latin American feel, reflected in the brightly coloured palette and the vibrant eclectic natural elements. 

As a mixed media artist, I use a variety of techniques to create my art, from photography, drawing, painting with acrylics, collage and digital photomontage. 

I believe that through fascination and wonder we can have a more spiritual connection with the natural world. Diving deep not only means to me a place of stillness, but somewhere to experience joy and awe expressed in the most unusual -and colourful- ways.


I grew up in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and lived there for 24 years. I relocated to London in 2011 and later moved to Chester (North West England). I have always been very curious about art and ways of making art as well as constantly feeding my imagination since childhood. I was an introvert child, spent a lot of time on my own therefore feeding a world of imagination through play and collage making was a place where I felt happy.

I have developed and evolved my style since the early years in Buenos Aires and later through formal education within art school and during my degree on Graphic Design.

In my art I touch concepts such as fragmentation, migration, spirituality, self discovery, to only name a few. I work on mixed media pieces, collages, acrylic paintings and digital photomontages. I find that the mix of techniques allow me to explore different meanings and ways of solving problems. I sometimes think this comes from my eclectic cultured background, being a child genetically influenced by both the European mix in my family as well as native Argentinians. Migrating to the UK has enhanced this, as by bringing my own set of experiences and mix of cultures I find myself having to adapt to a new environment. My style has evolved throughout the years since I arrived to the UK as well as the thinking processes behind my art, which are constantly being nourished.

My style can be described as surrealist, although I draw inspiration from various artists and movements across history to create my own distinctive style. I am inspired by the work of the surrealists from the past such as Eileen Agar, Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Max Ernst.

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