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Manchester Art Fair 2024


Malvin Gallery

Stand: 321

Malvin Gallery enters the scene in 2016 with an innovative challenge in the current world of art galleries, betting  on the recovery of mid-career artists as well as young emerging artists, both equally linked to contemporary art.  
We assume a serious commitment based on a multidisciplinary team, where research, study and promotion are added to social networks and new technologies as allies.
We make our own selection taking into account quality or discourse criteria where Eclecticism and variety, based on excellence, are our main principles.


Guillermo Simon, Julia Fragua, Pedro Gimenez, Kate Mac Donald, Aurelia Massanet, Ricardo Alvarez Martin, Julio Bauzá


Calle de Almadén 13, Madrid 28014, Spain
Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitor

Art Preview

  • JULIA FRAGUA , Ibiza, Spain Mix media onboard, 50 x 50 cm
  • KATE MACDONALD, Oil on canvas 35 x 40 cm  
  • JULIO BAUZÁ - IBIZA Chromatic geometries: Cantabrian Sea, mixed technique, 100 wooden and acrylic  cubes on 300 gr Fabriano paper, measuring 62 x 62 cm
  • PEDRO GIMENEZ - MADRID Woman - Quimigrama Papel RC y metacrilato. 70 x 50 cm 1/5 
  • GUILLERMO SIMON - ASTURIAS -SPAIN Sea - Oil on canvas 100 x 81 cm,  
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