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Manchester Art Fair 2024


Mercedes Dawson

Stand: 626

I first started drawing in 2017 whilst recovering from having an operation not long after i lost my mother, both of which changed the way in which I viewed the body. Focussing on the female form and learning how to let my eye guide my hand was all part of the healing process for me - relearning my own body, the innate sensuality it has regardless of what it looked like. 

I flit between contemporary line works and expressionist texture pieces, leading the gaze where it wants to go and allowing the voyeur in each of us to find beauty and not just sexuality in what we see.


In exploring texture and lyrical work, I began creating visceral abstract pieces, these pieces represent expression and poetics, the parts of myself that lie between voyeur and dreamer. These pieces often have landscape to them or perceived movement, and just as poets bend and manipulate the use of words, these expressive contemporary artworks are the dance of reality and imagination.


This exploration led me back to my roots as a writer and pushed me beyond form into expressing moments and feelings, because I am more than just a body altered. I use acrylics and inks in my works, allowing the flow to be steered by the words that are beginning to form in my mind. 

There is cohesion in the creation of the poem and the piece - it is never one first and then the other, they come together and add so much more for me.  The works flit between female form and abstract contemporary expressive landscape-inspired pieces, because both are sensually voyeuristic by nature and both my words and artwork explores the looking. 
There is poetry in a view – you see a stretch of land and conjure memory from the peace in that kind of looking.  

The ideas of how vast language is and how vast thought can stretch creates a place where it feels timeless; emotion and experience carve out a place within the memory as if it is somewhere to arrive at, somewhere you can plant your feet on or touch, somewhere you want to revisit over and over. I want to leave people with that feeling in the words I write and the artwork I create. 

All works created come with the written piece so that the voyeur in us can have a multi-layered experience. 


Recently exhibited with:

AKA Fine Art
Next Door Gallery
White Circle Manchester Art
Manchester Art Fair
Art Number 23 Gallery
Cotton On Mcr
The Holy Art



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Art Preview

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