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Manchester Art Fair 2024


Paul Dunkerley Sculpture

Stand: 957

Paul Dunkerley is known for his instinctive sculptural art. His work invites viewers to interpret his abstract shapes and forms to create their own uniquely personal connections. Often surprising, always different, Paul's work is inspired by artistic experimentation. Ideas, compositions, materials and techniques are all part of a creative chain reaction that encourages to find new and different perspectives on the world around us.

Daniel Ibbotson draws inspiration from his work as a specialist decorator, gathering various waste materials like wallpaper scraps, dried paint, colored sawdust, and used sandpaper. These, along with other found objects, are intricately fused to create multi-layered, detailed sculptural abstract art.

Daniel's narrative is reflected in the organic layers of his work, mirroring the complexity of everyday life that reveals itself over time. His work embodies his personal experiences and diverse background as a professional footballer, dance teacher, decorator, and father. Each piece offers a window into the artist's evolving perspective on life and the changing world



North West
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Art Preview

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  • Structural wall relief, cast by the artist in Jesmonite resin, primed, painted and sealed. Shreds is a free form relief sculpture work. This composition of a flowing, ribbon-based form, invites the vi ...


  • Double Trouble

    24 Sep 2023 Paul Dunkerley
    Dynamic Collaboration Unveiled at Manchester Art Fair 2023: Sculptural Artists Paul Dunkerley and Daniel Ibbotson Join Forces
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