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Manchester Art Fair 2024

Sabina Swan Art

Stand: 826

Manchester based artist, originally from Baku Azerbaijan, a beautiful city
on the Caspian Sea. I come from very creative family with father as a violin player and
mum concert pianist. It was only natural for me to take interest in art.
I have always been into all things artistic & creative. At 5 years old I started oil painting
with a palette knife which became my favourite tool. At 7 years old I started playing the
piano. Moving to UK as a teenager meant I started exploring other avenues and perused
career in sustainability and finance.
All my life I have been living between these 2 fields: art/music and sustainability. I
studied art at home, regularly visiting art galleries at every opportunity. The last few
years I have been pouring more energy into my art. I sold over 1000 paintings in the last
4 years and have started to use acrylic, pastels or mix medias as well as oil. I am mainly
an abstract artist with real feel for nature, landscape, cityscape.
I love colours & light. But I have no boundaries of a single style or genre. I love using
combination of a palette knife, experimenting with different colour tones. Inspiration
mainly comes from area of sustainability and nature that I enjoy, with seascapes, modern
landscapes, new journeys in art. Oil is her favourite medium.
My recent work reflects on the progression to looser and freer brushwork, expressing
my own emotive intuition. Very often my pieces are anchored in figurations they are no
representational or observational but are explorations of feeling awoken by my search
for inner meaning. I finds my inspiration in the way nature creates endless variety
without judgment on what should or should not be. 

Latest exhibition at Masa Art gallery Bury and Oxo Tower London Exhibition with Holy Art Fair


12 Seymour chase
WA16 9BY
United Kingdom
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