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Manchester Art Fair 2024


Studio Silvi Schaumloeffel

Stand: 756

Gestural work is, almost by definition, expressive. I have been developing the visual language for my paintings through exploring the breadth and width of colour and gesture, using playfulness, intuition and curiosity with the technical elements anchored in the history of art and painting. I want to make art that communicates directly with you and speaks to all your senses. 

The narrative is in the paint itself, laid bare by way of application. 

While the observations and subsequent expressive marks are very personal, I invite the viewer along to visually explore, to find themselves engaged and identify with the painting on a personal level.

My studio is filled with the smell of oil paint and my thinking is centred on the activity of applying paint. I feel as well as think through it. 

The large swaths of paints, the drips, the flicks, punchy pinks and kooky greens and sweeping gestures and brushmarks. All these traces of the creative process are an essential part of my work.


I am an expressive contemporary oil painter living and working in Kelmscott by the Thames. I was born in 1979 in Germany and after my degree in Sports Marketing  travelled extensively through my work in Motorsport Marketing before moving to the UK, where I now happily live and work with paint.  

I trained in traditional and contemporary oil painting at the Norfolk Painting School over several years since 2015 and am working full time as a professional oil painter out of my dedicated studio since summer 2020.

My work is in private collections in the US, the British Virigin Islands, Canada, Ireland, the Uk, France and Germany.


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Contact Exhibitor

Art Preview

  • Oil Painting on Canvas Original Artwork, April 2023, signed 110cm x140cm Framed    
  • Oil Painting on Canvas Original Artwork, June 2023, signed 100cm x 100cm Framed (handpainted in F&B Pointing)    
  • Oil Painting on Canvas Original Artwork, April 2023, signed 102cm x 102cm Framed (handpainted in F&B Pointing)  


  • Packed and ready

    15 Nov 2023 silvi
    The van is loaded and we are heading to manchester tomorrow for an early start Friday. I will have a selection of new works with me. Pop over and say hi if you are visiting!
  • Less than 2 months to go!

    25 Sep 2023 Silvi Schaumloeffel
    Oxfordshire, September 2023
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