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Manchester Art Fair 2024

Gallery & Artist News

  • North Yorkshire Open Studios

    02 Dec 2023 Lindsey Tyson
    A chance to see the full range of Lindsey Tyson's artwork in her studio in Scarborough, as part of North Yorkshire Open Studios.
  • Thank you to everyone who attended our art show! Your presence made the event truly special. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase the incredible talent of our artists. Connecting with both ...
  • Williams BMW is launching its support for the Peak District National Park, by showcasing some of the area’s most exciting artists, to create an immersive backdrop at the highly anticipated Manchester ...
  • Packed and ready

    15 Nov 2023 silvi
    The van is loaded and we are heading to manchester tomorrow for an early start Friday. I will have a selection of new works with me. Pop over and say hi if you are visiting!
  • Oil Art Advisory- Incorporating a art concierge service

    14 Nov 2023 OAA Studio - Zoe Garner
    “Utilize a concierge service to unlock a world of convenience and expertise this Christmas , ensuring your art journey is seamless and your gift giving  is curated to perfection.” 
  • New Peaches exclusively for Manchester Art Fair 2023

    14 Nov 2023 The Peachy Printmaker
    New for 2023, a collection of ten new limited edition linocut prints by The Peachy Printmaker
  • Oil Art Advisory - Meet the Artist

    14 Nov 2023 OAA Studio - Zoe Garner
    Malwina's technique primarily involves acrylics with occasional use of oils, allowing for spontaneity and subconscious expression. The choice of canvas is deliberate, meticulously prepared by the arti ...
  • Onwards & Upwards

    14 Nov 2023 Sarah Cemmick
    Sarah Cemmick Linocuts Limited edition collection of Swallows
  • Oil Art Advisory - Meet the Artist

    13 Nov 2023 OAA - Zoe Garner
    Orna’s an artist whose artistic journey spans continents and cultures. With roots in Paris and a transformative perio in London, her vibrant life as an artist is nothing short of a kaleidoscope.
  • Monochrome palettes evoke an architectural vibe, fostering a sense of balance and harmony . The interplay of light and shadow in monochrome art mirrors the depth and dimension in architectural spaces, ...
  • Cliff's figurative artwork was perceived by SHOWstudio as 'hauntingly beautiful', and he was invited to produce works for the site by reimagining the Milan Autumn/Winter 2022 Menswear collections.
  • Drawing inspiration from the master Ron Arad, Plex has meticulously crafted multiple slats, employing precision and care in assembly. The result? An astonishing optical illusion that transcends tradit ...
  • Get a pre-preview sneaky peek at the upcoming art exhibition!  Experience the excitement of discovering new art before the official opening in 10 days. Stay tuned for exclusive glimpses into this capt ...
  • The dog taking me for a walk

    08 Nov 2023 Grant Searl
  • Kindergarten

    08 Nov 2023 Grant Searl
  •  Visitors to the fair can expect to see a diverse array of oil paintings, each with its own unique style and message. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore and appreciate the world of art in Manches ...
  • Renowned artist Jessica Owen has moved into her new gallery and studio in the village centre.
  • Giving the gift of art for Christmas is a wonderful idea with several benefits.  Unique and Thoughtful: Art is a deeply personal and meaningful present. It shows that you’ve put thought and effort int ...
  • OAA was honored to be part of a recent gathering, which highlighted the exceptional talent of Cliff Warner and celebrated limitless luxury. This event was a tribute to the dedication and enthusiasm of ...
  • Oil Art Advisory - Meet the artist

    02 Nov 2023 OAA Studio - Zoe Garner
    OAA  Founder Zoe Garner is a highly experienced art dealer and consultant. Over her thirty year international art and design career, Zoe has amassed extensive industry knowledge and an impressive rang ...
  • big summer wave

    02 Nov 2023 tim slatter
    New work - come see me at stand 807!
  •   It's a privilege to witness this creative dialogue between past and present, where homage is paid to the genius of Ron Arad while forging a unique path forward in the world of art
  • J R Oatts At Fronteer Gallery Open

    01 Nov 2023 J R Oatts
    Artist features in annual Sheffield exhibition
  • Whether it’s a artwork that speaks of an artist’s personal journey or an interior space that whispers the history of its occupants, storytelling is the heartbeat of art and design. It connects us acro ...
  • Kim's thoughtful design in her art is the hidden magic behind every piece. It’s the way elements come together to tell a story. From composition, where elements are organized and structured, to achiev ...
  • OIL ART ADVISORY- Black History Month

    27 Oct 2023 OAA Studio
    Black History Month is an annual observance in the United States and the United Kingdom, where the history, achievements, and contributions of Black people are celebrated through art ... 
  • Cliff celebrates and present's the Beauty of black  women on his own terms and doesn't shy away from depictions of sensuality in his unique figurative paintings available November at the Manchester Ar ...
  • Abstract art is often seen as carrying a moral dimension, in that it can be seen to stand for virtues such as order, purity, simplicity and spirituality.  

    24 Oct 2023 Kristjana S Williams
    Take a unique glimpse into the underwater world through Kristjana S Williams' intriguing new Silver Sea Collection of artworks. 
  • OAA Studio...Pictured are just a few of the gorgeous artworks sold. If you are one of the lucky owners do keep in touch, If you missed out, we’ll be at the Manchester Art Fair in November for Autumn 2 ...
  • Photoshoot ready for Manchester Art Fair

    23 Oct 2023 Rachael Addis
    Many thanks to photographer Mike Black for photographing my work ready for Manchester Art Fair.
  • MASA-UK Art Gallery celebrates 10 years

    22 Oct 2023 Kiril Sapundjija and Matija Sapundzieski
    Masa UK Art Gallery, 10 years of bringing culture closer to everyone, locals and visitors of Bury and surrounding areas, presenting artworks by emerging and establish local and international artists
  • Newton’s Rainbow

    22 Oct 2023 Scott Wittman Gate Cottage Collection
    In the 1660s, English physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton began a series of experiments with sunlight and prisms. He demonstrated that clear white light was composed of seven visible colours. By ...
  • Zoe is a highly experienced art dealer and consultant. Over her thirty year international art and design career, Zoe has amassed extensive industry knowledge and an impressive range of ...
  • Collecting art can be a fulfilling and rewarding endeavor, regardless of whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting started. With the help of expert advice, it is possible to curate an art c ...
  • Oil showcases a carefully handpicked collection of art by international artists spanning various creative fields. Additionally, our Private Members' Club offers exciting secondary market options for r ...
  • Collecting art doesn’t have to be a vague dream, you can build an life enriching  art collection without breaking the bank and have a richly rewarding experience in the process.
  • Emma Tweedie at Neptune Home Belfast

    20 Oct 2023 Emma Tweedie
    A number of selected artworks by artist Emma Tweedie are currently on display at the Neptune Home interiors store in Belfast. 
  • Get ready for a satirical Bite!

    20 Oct 2023 AnilKumar AK
    Acrylics, Mixed media on canvas  100cm x 120cm
  • Belle in Birmingham

    18 Oct 2023 Belle Andrews
  • Frames can be crucial to the experience you have with your artwork and should complement and enhance the way a piece looks, but frames can also play a key role in protecting it too. The choice of fram ...
  • Down the rabbit hole...

    18 Oct 2023 Mark Petty
    A 2 colour hand pulled screen print on glass and another 1 colour hand pulled screen print onto gold mirror aluminium composite for the background, all the colours are hand painted with a glitter inse ...
  • Women In Art Fair / Frieze Art Week

    18 Oct 2023 Emma Tweedie
    Manchester Art Fair exhibitor Emma Tweedie was recently selected to show two pieces of work at the recent Women in Art Fair at the Mall Galleries in London as part of Frieze Art Week. 
  • SHOUTOUT MIAMI Feature October 4, 2023 My works speak to the contradiction between rough stone and smooth flesh as symbolic of relationships (with the self or with others) creating tension between rep ...
  • 99 Problems but a flake ain't one...

    18 Oct 2023 Mark Petty
    A reverse hand-pulled screen print onto glass, hand painted,with a 23.5ct gold gild, raised above a 2 colour hand-pulled screenprint on Heritage conservation board. Framed 54x39cm  -  edition of 35  - ...
  • Kim has remained constant and groundbreaking in her exploration of the medium of collage throughout her career. Discover Kim's new works this November at the Manchester Art Fair with OAA studio.  Kim' ...
  • There’s nothing like a large expanse of water to capture the light and encourage unique reflections. And for Elaine Jones, an artist so skilled at capturing the ethereal qualities of water against the ...
  • Reach out and touch fate...

    17 Oct 2023 Mark Petty
    Live your life to the fullest!
  • Kim seamlessly weaves  together a diverse array of visual languages into a new and exciting form of expression. Like a masterful curator, collage artists select elements from the vast art historical l ...
  • SHOWstudio.  Christina Donoghue speaks with illustrator Cliff Warner, who worked to reimagine this season's offerings of Milan's menswear collections.
  • With deliberate grace, Cliff unveils an otherworldly quality, where fragments of the real, coalesce with the abstract, and the ephemeral emerges from the tangible.
  • Step into our private members' club where collectors can sell no longer loved/wanted  artwork in the secondary market without any commissions. Backed  by OAA's  guidance and support as your trusted ad ...
  • Our Mission... Welcome to Oil, your gateway to an hybrid realm of contemporary art buying, interior design and client resales. We're here to provide you with a fresh perspective and personalized acces ...
  • First Outing is Manchester for Latest painting

    12 Oct 2023 Nicola Slattery RBA
    Nicola Slattery is an elected member of the Royal Society of British Artists. She descibes the inspiration for her latest painting which will be shown publicly for the first time at the Manchester Art ...

    01 Oct 2023 Gabrielle Nicole Williams
    Art has the remarkable ability to transcend boundaries and speak to the soul. In the case of Beatrice Forshall, our October Artist of the Month, her captivating artwork goes beyond aesthetics; it carr ...
  • Winner!!

    28 Sep 2023 Lindsey Tyson
    Winner of the Hampstead School of Art Abstract Painting Award, Women in Art Prize, 2023
  • New etchings to feature at MAF

    27 Sep 2023 Louisa Boyd
    I'm delighted to be able to bring along one of my new collection of etching prints, a diptych completed under my QEST scholarship, to Manchester Art Fair this coming November.
  • Almost too precious

    27 Sep 2023 Alce Harfield
    original acrylic and collage on canvas 36x36"
  • Less than 2 months to go!

    25 Sep 2023 Silvi Schaumloeffel
    Oxfordshire, September 2023
  • Double Trouble

    24 Sep 2023 Paul Dunkerley
    Dynamic Collaboration Unveiled at Manchester Art Fair 2023: Sculptural Artists Paul Dunkerley and Daniel Ibbotson Join Forces
  • Oil Art Advisory - Studio Art

    23 Sep 2023 OAA studio
    “Style in art” emphasizes the creative aspect of personal expression through various forms of artistic mediums, where you use your unique sensibilities to craft visually appealing and meaningful inter ...
  • Coming back to Manchester

    20 Sep 2023 Ben Baker
    Come have a play with my interactive work!
  • Traces 1

    19 Sep 2023 Annie Luke Turner
    Annie has produced a series of abstract paintings based around the idea of 'Thin Places' ; where the veil between the real world and the spiritual world seems thin. These places are often where there ...
  • It's time to dispel the myth that elegance is confined to one-tone palettes,simplicity has its place, true elegance is found in the skillful fusion of color, elegance is not about playing it safe; be ...
  • Six page article in Pressing Matters

    12 Sep 2023 Gail Mason
    "Gail works on the boundary of printmaking and painting. Marks textures and colours advance and recede below layers of ink, built up over periods of time in response to Gail's sense of place, her deep ...
  • "A printmaking festival that has been quoted as one of the most important print fairs in the national calendar It is a rare opportunity for the best of the UK’s printmakers to gather under one roof, s ...
  • Putting the Bloom in The Bloomsbury Group

    08 Sep 2023 Scott Wittman Gate Cottage Collection
    Flower neckties dinner napkins printed on luxury linen puts the bloom in the Bloomsbury Group. Over 16 different necktie designs to select from for your next colourful dinner party. Tablescaping at it ...
  • Exciting new specimens to work with.

    05 Sep 2023 Jane Evans
    As autumn approaches, for me it's time to start thinking about the Art Fair and what I can take along this year that will keep things new and exciting for my clients.  Here's a little bit of infromati ...
  • From serene and contemplative faces to abstract interpretations of individuals, Japandi-style's use of portraits exude a sense of calm and connection. These artworks bring a human touch to our living ...
  • In the realm of art, some creators possess an ability to capture the essence of life's fleeting moments. This September, we are delighted to spotlight an artist whose work does just that – Jill Bartho ...
  • I am delighted this work has been selected by the jury for the show "Through the Looking Glass" at the Mall Galleries in London 28Aug -3 September
  • new exhibition

    24 Aug 2023 BrianBurton
    Brian Burton will be exhibiting at Kreiva Gallery, Bridlington, as part of their 'People and Place' September exhibition.
  • Orna's unique new  painting is a must-see for all who love art and life. Orna approaches her work with passion and her uplifting paintings embody life, energy and optimism ... ready for November's Man ...
  • Looking forward to showing at Manchester

    22 Aug 2023 Gabriella Buckingham
    The next event I am doing after the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is Manchester with an entirely new body of work. From now until November I am painting exclusively for the show. I'm really looking ...
  • Hyper-femininity in art is a thought-provoking exploration that invites viewers to reconsider their perceptions of femininity. By taking these elements to an extreme, artists engage in a conversation ...
  • We call this "intelligent style" because a great deal of thought goes into each and every client's art and design decision. Tell us a little bit about your space, and your preferences, and we’ll be in ...
  • There are different reasons for collectors to sell a piece of art. For some, it is simply a question of wanting to get a new piece into their home, perhaps they lost their joy for a once loved piece o ...
  • Granny Takes a Trip

    17 Aug 2023 Scott Wittman Gate Cottage Collection
    Featuring a Nostalgic Hybrid Tea Rose The series of images look at the duality of flowers as a hallucinogenic drug and as a natural mood enhancer . For centuries flowers have been valued for their med ...
  • OAA Studio Collection - Abstract Expressionism

    14 Aug 2023 Oil Art Advisory
    Orna approaches her work with passion and her uplifting paintings embody life, energy and optimism.Orna lived and studied art in Paris, travelling, painting and exhibiting widely. In 1991 she moved to ...
  • Join us and be part of more than just a  gallery experience , We’re here to support advise and bring our unique interior design skills along with talented artist works to people like you looking to ma ...
  • Well Art Contemporary

    05 Aug 2023 Clare Phelan
    During the month of August 2023, my site specific Installation 'Confetti' was shown in the South Transept of Wells Cathedral.
  • OAA Studio - Three-dimensional works !

    05 Aug 2023 Oil art Advisory
    This three- dimensional artwork shows the fragmentation of defined spaces with light and air seeping into the gaps through  architectural pathways, invoking a hypnotic response for the viewer. Creatin ...
  • Granny Take a Trip

    03 Aug 2023 Scott Wittman Gate Cottage Collection
    The series of images look at the duality of flowers as a hallucinogenic drug and as a natural mood enhancer . For centuries flowers have been valued for their medicinal and psychoactive properties bei ...

    01 Aug 2023 Gabrielle Nicole Williams
    Welcome to our Artist of the Month feature, where we shine a spotlight on talented artists who captivate us with their unique perspectives and exceptional creativity. This month, we are delighted to i ...
  • Granny Takes a Trip

    27 Jul 2023 Scott Wittman Gate Cottage Collection
    Featuring a Flaming Parrot Tulip. The series of images look at the duality of flowers as a hallucinogenic drug and as a natural mood enhancer . For centuries flowers have been valued for their medicin ...
  • Meet the Studio Artists at OAA

    26 Jul 2023 Oil Art Advisory
    Orna had the honour of being invited to exhibit a solo show at 'Farley Farm House Gallery' home of the surrealist Lee Miller and Roland Penrose who championed the surrealist movement and home of the L ...
  • Art Staging - Design at Oil Art Advisory

    25 Jul 2023 Oil Art Advisory
    No1 in the North to incorporate professional Interior Design & Art buying... fallen in love but don’t understand how to incorporate art into your home. Getting these elements to work together in harmo ...
  • Oil Art Advisory

    20 Jul 2023 Oil Art Advisory
    Our Mission... Oil presents comprehensive access to the private world of contemporary art buying and client re-sales, with insight into leading artists and galleries in the UK. Oil offers a fresh pers ...
  • Falling Flowers

    17 Jul 2023 Nicola Slattery RBA
    "Wild Imagination" is the title of Nicola Slattery's solo exhibition of recent paintings opening at the Fosse Gallery in Stow on the Wold on Sunday 1st October. Continues to 21st October 2023.  
  • Urban Art Fair Brixton

    08 Jul 2023 Genevieve Leavold
    I will be exhibiting some of my smaller paintings and Prints at Urban Art Festival in Brixton, London in July.  The event is on Saturday and Sunday 10-6pm 8-9th July.  
  • Studio interview with John Paul Pryor, Art Critic at the Culture Collective
  • Floral deck chair slings

    06 Jul 2023 Scott Wittman Gate Cottage Collection
    Canvas deck chair slings feaure larger than life flower photographs guaranteed to always make your garden party the life of the party. 12 different colourful and bold slings are available. Not for the ...

    03 Jul 2023 Gabrielle Nicole Williams
    In the world of contemporary art, Francis Bowyer NEAC PPRWS stands out as a versatile and talented artist, known for his captivating watercolour, oil, and mixed media works. With a distinguished caree ...
  • Darkness Goes Lightly

    10 May 2023 with Hayhill Gallery
    Darkness Goes Lightly will be one of the six pieces going to Vintner"s Hall, The City until November as part of a group exhibition in collaboration with Hayhill Gallery, London.
  • Flower garland necklaces

    08 May 2023 Scott Wittman Gate Cottage Collection
    You will never be a wallflower wearing one of these flower garland necklaces made out of a sustainble, lightweight plastic material. Perfect for any musical festival, wedding or anytime you need an in ...
  • Manchester Art Exhibition

    21 Apr 2023 Sabina Nealon
    Abstract Painting in oil  100 x 80 cm on stretched canvas - ready to hang
  • Tomomi Kitazawa Kenedy (Tomo) a Japanese ceramic artist has been living and working in UK. Her sculptures are inspired by the “Ruten” concept, which means a continual change, an ongoing flow of creati ...
  • Mad Botanist

    07 Mar 2022 Scott Wittman Gate Cottage Collection
    From my mad botanist series of collages where I’ve created new hybrids of flowers only found in my imagination. All flower images have been taken from my garden in Kent and collaged by hand. No comput ...
  • Dreamer

    with Art Below and Adlib Gallery, Wimbledon
    Have been exhibiting on the underground during March in collaboration with Art Below , followed by a group exhibition at Adlib Gallery ,Wimbledon during April.  Six of my paintings are going to Vintne ...
  • #365daysofpositivity

    #365daysofpositivity We could all use a daily dose of positive inspiration so I started #365daysofpositivity on my instagram account @lorribethdesigns Using my own photographs and paintings as backgro ...
  • Maenschien

    with Art Below and Adlib Gallery, Wimbledon
    Maenschien was exhibited in a group exhibition after the poster on the underground
  • Suthamma Ta Byrne, an surrealist artist based in Thailand, hasbeen presenting her work at MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury,Manchester since 2021.