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Manchester Art Fair 2024

13 Jun 2024

David Coulter exhibition at MASA-UK Art Gallery in Altrincham and Bury

MASA-UK Gallery Stand: 526
David Coulter exhibition at MASA-UK Art Gallery in Altrincham and Bury
MASA-UK Art Gallery at 8 the Downs, Altrincham, WA142PU

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Manchester Impressionism with the renowned artist, David Coulter. Inspired by the city's unique character and its bewitching rainy days, David has breathed life into his canvases, earning him recognition as a legend in the art world.

If you're an avid art collector or simply appreciate the beauty of art, you won't want to miss the chance to experience David's remarkable talent.

David Coulter is a British artist who specializes in cityscapes.  As part of the Northern Art movement, his particular focus is on painting the streets of Manchester and Salford. 

In his paintings, he captures the dynamic movement of the multifaceted cities that have been the inspiration for many artists before him. David Coulter is, in essence, as much a part of the North, as the scenes he paints.

David was great friends with the Legendary Northern Artist Arthur Delaney. It was Arthur who taught Dave how to paint. You can really see Arthurs influence in Dave’s early work, however Dave has greatly evolved as an artist. Dave Coulter got his first exhibition when a policeman visited his workshop to take his statement on a nearby road accident. He saw the paintings covering the walls and immediately put him in touch with a friend at the Zion Arts Centre. This led to an exhibition that quickly sold out, as word of his extraordinary artworks spread through the Manchester and Salford art community and general public.

Since then, Dave Coulter has exhibited throughout the North West, gathering admirers wherever he and his paintings go.

Now in his early 70s, Dave Coulter has lived through a huge period of change in the area he calls home. He has seen it all - from the gloom of the mills and factories to the Salford slum clearances of the 1960s and now the development of a vibrant, successful region, full of commerce and bright lights. 

What makes Dave’s work unique is the way he brings the years and the changes together. In this way, to look at one of his paintings is to see Manchester and Salford past and present, the buildings changing but the people a constant factor.

We would love to invite you to view David's exhibition at MASA-UK Art Gallery at the Downs 8, Altirncham, WA142PU