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Manchester Art Fair 2024

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05 Sep 2023

Exciting new specimens to work with.

Jane Evans Stand: 953
Exciting new specimens to work with.
Blue Fin Tuna Tail

I've been really lucky recently to make a great contact in the South of England.  A felllow artist, in fact he's a ceramicist, who supplements his art income with a job in a fish processing centre in Brixham has sent me two magnificent specimens. 

I work a lot with my local fishermen and fishmongers but if they don't have an artistic sensibility, they often don't understand how much I want to get hold of new sepcimens.  My new contact however really understands. 

Through the power of social media he recently found my account and drop a message into my inbox.  Short and to the point, 'Hi I've got a tuna tail, do you want it?'  For a Gyotaku artist, this is a dream, getting hold of such specimens here in the UK is not easy. 

The tail was sent with an overnight courier and as an additional gift, he threw in a giant octopus too! 

The tuna tail I was sent was fished of the Cornish coast.  The boat Labrax is part of a trial scheme to reintroduce blue fin tuna fishing in UK waters.  The scheme is only running between August and November this year. 

My tuna tail was the fourth Tuna caught under the new scheme.  It was caught on a rod and reel weighing in at a hefty 100kg.  I keep my specimens for as long as possible often taking them in and out of my freezer multiple times (a scented candle is always an acceptable gift for me!)  When the tail arrived along with the Octopus I couldn't quite belive how big it was and had to do some serious re arranging in my freezer to fit it in. 

Both the octopus and the Tuna tail are very challenging to print from.  It's every artist's dream to keep challenging themselves so I'm so thrilled to have been given the opportunity. 

The first Octopus and tail print will be sent back down to Brixham free of charge to the amazing Andy who sent them to me.  I'm always happy to do a print in exchange for an exciting specimen.