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Manchester Art Fair 2024

Gallery & Artist News

22 Oct 2023

MASA-UK Art Gallery celebrates 10 years

MASA-UK Gallery Stand: 517
MASA-UK Art Gallery celebrates 10 years
New exhibition by Jacqueline Taylor 4th of November

Masa UK Art Gallery, 10 years of bringing culture closer to everyone, locals and visitors of Bury and surrounding areas, presenting artworks by emerging and establish local and international artists.

We never encourage people to buy an original piece of art, because the value could increase with time, rather to purchase art because they love it. Buying art could be the most satisfying and fulfilling investment, because even without any financial benefit, art makes us healthier, happier and richer. One needs to feel that connection with the particular artwork, before making the decision to purchase it and enjoy it lifelong. Many  of our customers are art collectors, local, London based, or even USA and Europe.

MASA-UK Art Gallery brings original art to everyone. For the last 10 years we have discovered and exhibited art by over 200 different artists. Majority is modern fine art,  as shown on our Inst: @masaukart and Ticktock: @masaukart, but we do have a realistic and classic paintings, to satisfy every taste and budget. 

We have always provided that extra personal, professional advice to our clients in choosing the right piece of art, presented through a virtual  or augmented reality. 

At the moment one can enjoy the new exhibition by Lancashire born artist Tim Schofield known by semi-abstract landscapes and seascapes inspired by time spent in nature. The natural beauty of the British countryside is reflected in each piece, using a variety of mediums including watercolours and acrylics.  

Manchester artist Jacqueline Taylor, focuses on depicting everyday lives of people and places in a relatable and realistic manner. The visitors can enjoy her art at MASA-UK Art Gallery. 

You can also enjoy the wonderful surrealistic art by Suthamma Ta Byrne - best selling artist on singulart, expressionistic abstracts by multiple award winning Darko Taleski, Les Heywood, Lita Narayan, impressionistic landscapes by Malcolm Lucas, multiple National award winner Christine Southworth and many more original paintings on over three floors. 

We hope to see you at MASA-UK Art Gallery open Monday to Saturday 10:30am-4:30pm. You can contact us on for more information.