Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors & Partners

Manchester Art Fair would like to thank the following organisations for their support of the fair in 2021

Headline Sponsor

White Circle


”The opportunity to support the Manchester Art Fair has been the most amazing collaboration. As we open up offices and public spaces to celebrate the role culture plays in our environment, this event is an integral part of that journey. Art is such a passion of mine. I feel very fortunate to be able to help continue the support the show gives artists in reaching people, sharing their talents and the joy art brings to our community.” Sarah Maskell, Founder of White Circle.

White Circle interior design was built on the foundation of art; creating and shaping spaces that are defined by its influence. Art remains an integral part of our design process. White Circle is passionate about supporting artists, providing them with a platform to show their work and tell its story. Our mission is to bring art and culture together in the built environment. This interdependence enhances both residential and commercial property with a vibrancy that accelerates the wellbeing and occupational experience of its audience.

Cultural Partners